Protecting your vehicle

We are pleased to be able to offer customers our free 'Driver warranty offer'.

Known as the 'Driver warranty offer' from this point forward, it Boasts a £1,000 limit per claim and is valid for 6 months and or 6,000 miles. The 'Driver warranty offer' is included within the sale price of each 'retail sale' vehicle.

Upon full payment of your vehicle, the 'Driver warranty offer' will be activated and a booklet will be issued, you must keep the booklet with your vehicle at all times. If the 'Driver warranty offer' is not applicable to your vehicle, it will be stated as such on your sale agreement/invoice. The 'Driver warranty offer' only applies to 'retail sale' vehicles and does not extend to other sale types, such as Trade, Ebay or auction.

We would like to bring to your attention that the 'Driver warranty offer' is not a manufacturer's guarantee or warranty, nor is it insurance backed, underwritten or guaranteed. The 'Driver warranty offer' is administered via a third party company, on behalf of Approved Used Vehicles Limited and they will deal with any concern, claim or dispute.

Approved Used Vehicles Limited

There are six sections to the 'Driver warranty offer':

1. Terms and conditions

2. Parts covered

3. How to make a claim

4. General exclusions

5. Definitions

6. Breakdown Cover

All our vehicle descriptions and advertisements, state you must read our 'Driver warranty offer' terms and conditions. Before you agree to reserve a vehicle you must accept these terms and conditions, as reservation fees will not be refunded as a result of failure to read and accept. Payment of your reservation fee results in acceptance of the 'Driver warranty offer' Terms and conditions.

In addition, all customers will be asked to sign and confirm that you have read, understood and accept our 'Driver warranty offer' before you pay for your vehicle in full.

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